From Words 2 Action Outreach Ministries is a Ministry that takes Love & Resources to the Global streets of the USA and Abroad. We are an Outreach Ministry traveling the globe working in the community individually or with organizations that are devoting it's energy to passionately educating, empowering & advocating for the hungry, enslaved, mentally ill, outcast, needy and politically under-represented. Formed from the heart of loving people and service, founder Jazzie Jones-Smith was once homeless herself. She understands the stigmas and judgement street families face. Now being a radio Host she is able to spread the word about numerous topics and Ministry= Service, happens to be one she gets to enlighten millions about on Louddmouth Radio Network. (Louddmouthradio.com) Many people want to be a help, but can not be Full time Servants on the street. So we launched a gofundme campaign to include all that say they want to help can move from words 2 Action! The goal is to expand our outreach by buying a RV to bring food, coffee, clothes, shoes, blankets, toiletries, hugs, prayer, a hot shower for those that need to be clean for a job interviews & more. This will be a living testimony of serving others. Following the examples of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Willo Burnett. Willosteen Jones and current day Global Servers like Sharnell Myles Jennifer Swain, Eliuth Espinozan+ will be our guides.